Latest On AEW: Fight Forever’s Gameplay and Creation Suite

It was recently reported that AEW and developer Yuke’s have been “butting heads” over the upcoming AEW: Fight Forever console video game. The game’s roster size is expected to feature about 50 wrestlers at launch with possible additions as downloadable content.

In an update on game development, has noted that the game’s creation suite is expected to be limited. The site stated the following:

“SGO was told that movesets in general will be limited ‘akin to an early 2000s wrestling game’ while customization options for wrestlers will leave people wishing they had more.”

The site also noted the following regarding music:

“One source said don’t expect all of the licensed music that wrestlers have for their entrance themes to make it into the game. One said, ‘there’s a reason they are showing only wrestlers with themes created specifically for AEW in their previews.’”

One person said the following to the site regarding the game’s development:

“The expectations were set when games like No Mercy and Here Comes The Pain were said as inspiration. Games with good gameplay, but reduced customization. If the game is fun, no one will care about the other stuff.”

As the primary option for players, it’s believed that the game’s story mode has been a major focus.

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