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Join “Webmaster” Wade Needham every Tuesday at 5pm PT / 8pm ET on Twitch as he jumps into a casual conversation about the happenings in pro wrestling while playing video games or doing movie Watch Parties (courtesy of Cinema Flare). Our live streams also include occasional visits to Disney theme-parks, independent wrestling events, and the Las Vegas Strip!

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Recaps & Reviews

We’ve got you covered when it comes to recaps & reviews! From Webmaster Wade to Reggie, Ref Marsh, Ed Fries & Luis Morales Jr, our hosts have a balanced blend of recap with opinion sprinkled in!


The original CAW league that sparked a revolution, SLAM n JAM is at home here at RingScoops®! Catch the latest action from WWE 2K22 and more. Hosted by Wade Needham, voice of NoDQ CAW!

Wrestling Fun!

We have a plethora of other wrestling-related videos on our YouTube channel including unboxing videos, first-time wrestling reactions, video games, late breaking news, and a whole lot more!

RingScoops® Arena on VRChat

Whether you’re on a virtual reality headset such as the Oculus Quest 2 or on a PC in a 2D environment, you can still enjoy the RingScoops® Arena on VRChat! Roam around our locker room, check out the card for the night, walk on the stage and down the ramp to the ring and more. A fully interactive virtual reality experience is here, and it is 100% free to use!